Feed it to FOGO!

The City Of Parramatta are launching their FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) bins in November 2024. I worked with the team at Paper Moose to develop the animated campaign for the launch in May.

I collaborated with the team to develop a character and design style that realistically yet simply represented how easy it is to use and understand the FOGO system.

We brought the bins to life with expressive eyes and subtle movements of the bin lid. The aim was to impose restrictions similar to those of a real puppet, such as limiting the lid/mouth movement to a simple up-and-down motion without any distortion.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how and where the characters will appear on social media and in promotional materials before the launch.

Agency: Paper Moose

Creative Director: Jeremy Willmott

Copywriter: Peter Salidano

Creative Designer: Evelyn Tran

Illustration/Animation/Storyboard: bel.

Creative Technologist: James Clayden

Senior Producer: Jon Buchan

Producer: Olivia Jeavons

Project Management: Brigitte Harbrow

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