Hey, I’m bel! and I want to create bloody brilliant motion design.

It's my goal to produce award winning animations for agencies and companies who have positive cultural and social impact.

I have experience in all phases of the production process, from idea mapping, concepts, storyboarding, designing and illustrating, animating and editing.

We're always impressed with Bel's ability to translate our ideas into beautifully animated stories that captivate and effectively get the point across.

Flavio Argemi, Creative Director, Avenue

Think of me as one of your team!

The best ideas and results come from teamwork, during our collaboration I will:

  • Listen and ask questions to help identify and understand your creative challenges.
  • Communicate clearly and use effective proccesses to keep the job moving!
  • Produce high quality work to strict brand guidelines on time and on budget.

Forever in pursuit of the eye-gasm

The very nature of motion design requires commitment and perseverance. Luckily I love it! Discomfort and challenge means I’m learning and growing. I’m constantly pushing myself to create work I’m proud of and love to look at!